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Image of Leba 16 Unit Tablet Charging Case

Leba 16 Unit Tablet Charging Case

The Leba 16 Unit Tablet Charging Case is designed for Lenovo Tablet 10 and can hold the tablets with or without the ThinkPad 10 Ultrabook Keyboard. Inside the case, covered by the blue plastic plate, you will find 18 power points that allow connection of the power packs that come with the Tablets. Cable guides ensure that cables stay in place and prevent cable mess. The blue cover plate locks the power cable in place and prevents cables from being removed. This also gives the interior a nice and clean design. The cover plate and the top of the lid are designed with ventilation slots, and the external power connection allows for charging with a closed lid. The robust plastic case is equipped with wheels and a telescopic handle to make the unit as mobile as possible.

Price: £1348.80 from Lenovo UK

Retailer Retailer Product Description Price  
Lenovo UK Leba 16 Unit Tablet Charging Case £1348.80 Go to shop

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